Atlanta Falcons v. Cincinnati Bengals

Bengals HelmetFalcons HelmetThe Atlanta Falcons take on the Cincinnati Bengals tonight in the third preseason game of the year for each team.   

We are going to be watching and “liveblogging” it (we always wonder about that term when we’re not actually there; just so there’s no confusion, we’re going to be watching the game on television and composing this blog post as we watch).  We are going to be paying particular attention to the QB race.  Presumably the job is Joey Harrington’s absent some colossal failure or injury, but we’ll be looking to see if Chris Redman can create any reason to question that assumption.

Update: After a quarter, the Falcons lead 7-0, and Harrington looks impressive.  He is 6 of 6 passing, with 76 yards and a touchdown, thrown to Adam Jennings.

2nd Quarter Update: The Bengals have mustered an impressive, almost 10-minute drive to tie it up 7-7.

But Rossum returns the ensuing kickoff to the Bengals 40!

And in three plays, Harrington takes the Falcons into the end zone with a 12-yard pass to Jerious Norwood.  Harrington is 8 of 9 with 117 yards and 2 touchdowns.  Harrington is really looking sharp.

Halftime: Atlanta 14, Cincinnati 13 (The Bengals missed the would-be tying extra point after a TD with 2:00 to go).

Third Quarter Update: You can tell we’re getting close to the regular season, because Harrington is still out there in the 2nd half.  Roddy, Roddy, Roddy….gotta catch that dude.  Falcons settle for a field goal after White drops a pass in his bread basket in the end zone.  Atlanta 17, Cincinnati 13.

Ovie Mughelli caps off an impressive first drive for Chris Redman with a 1-yard TD run.  Redman for 2 for 2 for 24 yards in the 8 play, 63-yard drive.

Fourth Quarter Update: The quarter begins with a combination of blown coverage by the Falcons and a nice pass from Doug Johnson leading to a long Bengals TD.  Bengals fail on a two-point conversion attempt; Falcons 24, Bengals 19.

Note: As far as we can tell, no Bengals players have been arrested during the game so far.

Final: Atlanta Falcons 24, Cincinnati Bengals 19

Falcons move to 2-1 in the preseason.  We feel much better about the QB position after tonight, though there’s still not much depth in the event of injury.  The defense could have looked better, but didn’t look bad.  Overall, we’re pleased by what was a solid Falcons performance.