Atlanta Falcons v. Baltimore Ravens

baltimoreravens.jpgFalcons HelmetThe Falcons will wrap up the preseason tonight against the Baltimore Ravens at 7:30.  The game will telecast locally by WXIA.  The starters will be resting, while everybody else will be looking to make the final cut, with the Falcons having to cut the roster down to 53 by tomorrow.

Falcons head coach Bobby Petrino indicated that the starters would sit against the Ravens. He also said that players on the bubble of making the team could improve their position with a strong showing. They’ll get their chance.

There will be depth chart shuffling and roster spots won and lost in the final four quarters of the Falcons preseason.

“That’s a great chance for the young guys trying to make those last few spots on the final 53,” Amey said.

The Falcons have to trim their roster to 53 by Saturday, making Friday’s game a last ditch effort to make an impression.

[Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution]

The article indicates that one key position where there will be competition for the final slots is wide receiver, with Otis Arney and Adam Jennings, among others, competing for precious roster slots.

We’ll check in periodically tonight with game updates, and tomorrow we will report the final 53-man roster as soon as the Falcons make it available.

First Quarter Update: Baltimore 7, Atlanta 0.  The non-starters generally looking like non-starters; nobody’s winning a job yet.

Second Quarter Update: Atlanta 7, Baltimore 7.  Redman looked better on that last drive, and the defense did a great job of getting the ball right back for the offense.

Fourth Quarter Update: Atlanta 10, Baltimore 10.  Missed a big chunk of the game so that I could eat dinner.  Bramlet looked pretty good on the tying drive.

The backup kicker, Prater, puts the Falcons up 13-10 with 3:19 to go.

The 3rd (or 4th or 5th?) team defense will attempt to hold the 13-10 lead against their Raven counterparts for the final 2:00; Ravens have the ball near midfield.

And they do so, accentuating it with an interception.

Final: Atlanta 13, Baltimore 10

The Falcons finish the preseason 3-1.  And of course that means absolutely nothing.  But we’re cautiously optimistic.

Some rumors jumping around about what the Falcons might do tomorrow and after tomorrow (we’ve heard rumors of either Byron Leftwich or Chris Simms coming, and Rossum possibly getting cut).  Stay tuned for more on the roster tomorrow.