Go Colts; Yeah, I’m Thinking About Division Standings Already

coltshelmet.pngsaintshelmet.pngSo, now that they’ve finally decided to stop playing crappy country music, the NFL season has begun with the Colts and the Saints getting things underway.  And, against my better judgment, I’m going for the Colts because the Saints are in the Falcons’ division (except for Reggie Bush; he’s on my fantasy team, so I hope he lives in the end zone).

First Quarter Update: Sweet!  Colts go up 7-0 (with a touchdown pass to somebody else on my fantasy team, Marvin Harrison).

But then Jason David, the corner who got burned by Harrison, comes right back and causes Reggie Wayne to fumble and scoops up the fumble to take it to the house and tie it up at 7-7.

Second Quarter Update:  Saints 10, Colts 7.

Halftime: Tied 10-10.

Third Quarter Update: Addai goes in to make it 17-10 Colts.

Touchdown, Reggie Wayne.  Colts 24, Saints 10.  Looking good.

Ok, no more updates.  If you care, I’m sure you’re watching.  Looks like the Falcons will get an immediate opportunity to take a division lead.