Falcons’ March Madness

As Atlanta fans mire through this long off-season before the 2009 season heats up, we search for things to take our sports attention.  March Madness is a prime example.  It’s about a month prior to the NFL draft, but it’s something that we can focus on for a few weeks with bracketology and the like.

The first night of games saw Memphis, Villanova and UCLA receive scares, while North Carolina and UCONN coasted to a victory by seemingly 100 points. 

The week prior it was a little sad to see the ACC tournament in Atlanta as the Georgia Dome had been converted from the haven of Falcons football to a basketball venue that didn’t quite work.  There were a ton of empty seats (is basketball really an 80,000 in attendance type event?) and the sound doesn’t really convey in a stadium of that size.

Regardless, March Madness is upon us and we rejoice.  The office pools are in full swing where for a short amount of time we can scrutinize statistics of teams we haven’t seen play since last March, pretend we know about American’s ability to be the press and plainly try to outguess our friends, family and co-workers.  It’s a great time to sit back, yell at the TV and enjoy the NFL off-season.