Longer NFL Season Coming Soon?

Roger Goodell is proposing a new NFL schedule in the coming years…less preseason and more regular season games.  What’s not to like from a fan perspective?  Diehards look forward to the preseason with passion because we haven’t seen our teams in uniform for months and even if most of the game is filled with guys you will rarely see on Sundays, it gets our juices going nonetheless.

Statistics will be skewed because of the additional one or two games that go towards the record books and players will naturally want more money for putting the their bodies on the line for extra regular season work.  The owners will want to pocket that extra money from filling the stadium and TV contracts, which is where the disagreement that could delay this change from taking place.

Everyone wants more money – and why not?  We are talking about a sport where most players are in the league for less than 5 years (so no big payout for a majority) and owners got rich by being stingy in the first place and hey, it’s their team, right? 

Regardless, the idea of the NFL season starting a week or two earlier is music to most fans’ ears and hopefully, that wish comes true in the next couple years.