Possible Destinations for Michael Vick

The UFL has been the top rumor lately – a league that will welcome trouble-makers that could bring some excitement on the field.  Vick was definitely a highlight reel between the white lines until his conviction.

The Raiders.  Oakland is always the hot destination for troubled stars like Randy Moss a few years ago among others.  JaMarcus Russell hasn’t shown staying power since being drafted #1.  Al Davis is always looking to sign a big name despite the chemistry consequences.

Detroit.  Another place where questionable personnel decisions are common.  They don’t have an answer at quarterback and aren’t locked into drafting Stafford at #1 in April.  Even with a top draft pick and Culpepper in the mix, they might bring Vick in as a flyer that could pay off.

Chicago.  It seems like 1985 since the Bears had a go-to quarterback.  They could benefit from bringing in Vick as a 3rd option and working him in with some Wildcat formations.