Michael Vick States He’s Worth Millions In The NFL

Michael Vick thinks he is still worth the contract he signed years ago with the Falcons.  Remember…the one worth more than Peyton Manning or Tom Brady at the time….yeah, that one.

Vick is close to getting out of prison and trying to restart his football career.  According to his statements with a bankruptcy judge, he plans on earning $10 million a year with football as soon as now.  That’s confidence in your abilities.

Yes, Vick was a playmaker with highlight reel stuff at the quarterback position before being convicted.  But getting on Sportscenter a few times will only earn you so much money.  Attendance does matter in the NFL and Vick put butts in the seats of the Georgia Dome, but owners are getting more selecting about their money – well, most of them.  There will always be the Jerry Joneses and Dan Snyders of the world, but most are stingy with their salaries.

Let’s look at Vick’s track record in the NFL.  He’s yet to lead a team to 9 or more wins in consecutive seasons, has a below average passer rating for his career, is hardly a leader of an offense, still can’t really throw the ball and, oh yeah, was convicted for fighting with and killing dogs.  Yes, $10 million a year sounds about right.

Will a team pay Vick to play football in 2009 and beyond?  Sure.  But it will be laden with incentives based on performance instead of the glut of guaranteed money of yesteryear.  The wildcat formation seems like a good idea for Vick.  Using him 10-15 snaps a game sounds like a plan.  Getting Vick as your #1 QB to lead you to the playoffs is NOT a good idea….unless you have nowhere to go but up like the cities of Oakland, Detroit and maybe Chicago.