Matt Ryan – 2009 Projections

The general consensus about Matt Ryan is surprising.  I would have thought that all the Atlanta fans would be sipping the kool-aid and proclaim Matt Ryan the MVP of the world in 2009 with statistics like Brady and Manning in their respective record-breaking seasons. 

However, most are quite subdued about their expectations.  The comparisons between Ryan and Manning are well-documented at this point and many see Ryan’s future in the same ilk.  Manning had only a little improvement statistically in his sophomore campaign and jumped in his third year.  In that same line of thinking, Ryan is being predicted to throw for between 3700 yards and 4000 with 20-24 TDs and 8-12 interceptions. 

The one thing I will say is that Atlanta is a run-first offense.  They are also a team that will get conservative with play-calling if given the opportunity (aka get up by 2 scores in the second half of games), which would shrink his overall numbers.  I would predict an increase in completion percentage and touchdowns in 2009, but not necessary in passing yards.  Ryan will take more advantage with redzone opportunities with a full off-season under his belt, but I don’t see the overall philosophy of the Falcons’ offense changing into something like the Eagles or Saints.