Other than the Falcons….Teams to Watch on Draft Day

Detroit – A team that can only improve will get a nice shot in the arm.  Since they didn’t give up picks as part of the Jay Cutler sweepstakes, the Lions are sitting with #1, #20, #33, #65 and #82 to bolster their already young squad in the early rounds.  They’ve also been rumored to want out of the #1 pick, but who will trade a few picks for the pricey selection?

New England – They are one of the best in the league at getting tons of picks.  They were great last year without Tom Brady.  Now they get him back, oh yeah, and the #23, #34, #47 and #58 picks.  They will be stacked again in 2009.  By the way, they still have Brady, Moss, Welker and a bunch of defensive studs.