Latest NFL Draft News For Atlanta – Rounds 1 and 2

Mel Kiper, the draft guru since I can remember, has put out his latest mock draft 2 weeks prior to the big day.  Here’s a summary of Atlanta’s picks and my comments.

Round 1 – Brandon Pettigrew.  Yes, he’s a talent at tight end that has the potential to complete Atlanta’s offensive balance to the point they could be a top 5 squad in 2009 and beyond.  I scratch my head a little because Pettigrew is the choice with Jerry, Jenkins, Laurinaitis, Matthews and Moore still on the board.  Falcons fans would be guessing until Atlanta’s card came to the podium if all those guys were on the board at #24.

Round 2 – Sherrod Martin, CB, Troy.  Honestly, never heard of the guy.  Atlanta has far greater needs than a relatively unknown cornerback in round 2.  It’s especially curious with Sintim drafted the next pick.  Safeties Chung and Johnson (Alabama) were on the board as well.