Latest NFL Draft News For Atlanta – Rounds 3 and 4

Mel Kiper, the draft guru since I can remember, has put out his latest mock draft 2 weeks prior to the big day.  Here’s a summary of Atlanta’s picks and my comments.

Round 3 – Antoine Caldwell, Center, Alabama.  Yes, Todd McClure is getting a little old, but he’s not planning on leaving the NFL after 2009.  Caldwell would be a potential replacement down the line, but is that worth the 3rd round pick in 2009?  Chase Coffman, who has been long rumored to be an Atlanta target, was on the board in round 3.

Round 4 – Brandon Gibson, WR, Washington State.  A curious selection as well.  Wide receiver is definitely not a weak position heading into 2009 with White, Jenkins, Finneran and Douglas all very capable.  Defensive line or linebacker would make more sense in Round 4.