Rumor Central – Tony Gonzalez To Atlanta?

The rumors are swirling again about Tony Gonzalez looking for a trade and Atlanta being one of those teams.  The price tag?  The 2nd round pick from Atlanta (#55 overall) for the All-Pro tight end from Kansas City.

On the plus side, Gonzalez put up 5 times the numbers of the three Atlanta tight ends in 2008 and would upgrade a position that’s been lacking since Alge Crumpler left town.  The offense would be more potent and could be one of the best in the NFL in 2009.

On the down side, Gonzo is getting old and how many really productive years can you expect from him starting in 2009?  Maybe a couple?  Losing a 2nd round pick is a big deal.  That’s a potential starter for a number of years.  That could be our starting safety or linebacker for the forseeable future in the 2009 draft.  Rarely have I seen trading a high draft pick for an aging player workout for the team giving up the picks.  It’s kind of the Redskins’ style of fixing things – sacrificing the future for a splash of a year or two (or less!).