2009 NFL Draft – 3rd Round Highlights

The beginning of the 2nd day of the NFL draft is just as interesting as the first in my opinion.  Everyone has a night to digest things and reorganize their draft boards and what talent is left.  Then, there are usually a few teams that will trade a bunch of picks to get into the first few of the 2nd day and get that one guy they really like that remains. 

The Jets were the team that sold the rest of their draft in 2009 for that day two player.  It was Shonn Greene – the uber-productive 2008 running back from Iowa. 

Michael Johnson, the Georgia Tech defensive end that’s a physical freak, lasted until the 6th pick (Cincinnati, ironically) in the 3rd round because he can definitely turn into a bust in the NFL. 

Glen Coffee, Running Back, Alabama.  He’s a guy I was watching in the draft because I think he will play better than expected in the NFL.  He was drafted to San Francisco behind Frank Gore.  Coffee will get a few carries maybe and could shine if injuries (like they do sometimes) happen at running back for the 49ers in the future.

A bunch of wide receivers were picked in round 3 (7 total), but I think the final one was the best.  The Bears picked up Juaquin Iglesias out of Oklahoma at the end of the round, which is a tremendous value.