2009 NFL Draft – 4th Round Highlights

There’s a few guys in an NFL draft I am always watching because I know #1 – they will slide down the line for some reason, and #2 – they will perform above their draft position because they are guys that play on Saturday and Sunday, not necessarily the big combine or measureable guys.  Harry Douglas was one of those guys a year ago.  He was a player at Louisville and slide, I felt, in the draft, but as you see from 2008, he’s a player on Sunday regardless of combine times or numbers.

In the 4th round, I was watching D.J. Moore fall into Chicago’s lap – a 2nd round talent who fell because of the reasons I mentioned above.  He’s a player that is a steal in the 4th round. 

Atlanta got another steal in round 4 with Lawrence Sidbury.  He’s a great athlete that can rush the passer from the defensive end spot.  That’s something Atlanta needs on the opposite side of John Abraham.  Scouts, Inc. rates Sidbury an 84 (the same as a lot of 2nd rounders this year) and 49th overall, where Atlanta nabbed him in the 100s.

How about Gartrell Johnson, Running Back, Colorado State?  He’s a player.  I watched him a bunch in college and he just plays football.  Not the biggest or the fastest, but reminds me of Steven Jackson a little bit.  He will get to run in San Diego behind Tomlinson and Sproles, so he can learn the NFL and succeed down the line.  Just remember the name….