No Love For Falcons With NFL Network Draft Coverage

As a Falcon fan, I always feel Atlanta is largely ignored on a national scale.  Yes, the media was forced to talk about the Michael Vick situation a while back, and yes, Matt Ryan was a great story in 2008.  I wanted Atlanta to be talked about in the NFL draft as a team that can be one of the top teams in the NFL going into 2009.

Instead, Jeria Perry in the 1st round had about 30 seconds of coverage.  What’s with that?  He was a steal at that position and was quickly glossed over for stories that were hours old about Mark Sanchez and Knowshon Moreno.

In the 2nd round, Atlanta took William Moore, a great safety that has 1st round talent, but had a subpar senior season.  Atlanta basically got the two players they had earmarked prior to the draft in the first two rounds, where both players could have been gone before pick 20.  Instead the NFL network talked about Dallas “passing” their pick in round two for an hour when it was actually a trade.

In round three, they talked over the selection of Atlanta, running into a commercial break.  Rich Eisen promises to talk about the latest Atlanta pick after the break.  Well, they ignored that and went on with life as if the Falcons were the shy guy in the corner of the gym at prom. 

Why do I watch the draft?  Well, I’m a fan of every team in the NFL.  Yes, I think Cincinnati, Oakland and Dallas are prone to mess up far more than everyone else, but I follow all the teams.  I don’t, however, understand how Falcon fans watch the NFL draft because you will get more satisfaction just following the message boards on

Oh well, maybe things will change in 2010….. if Atlanta goes 16-0 and wins the Super Bowl….