Tony Gonzalez Acquired From Chiefs

The Falcons bolstered their already stacked offense with Tony Gonzalez.  In return, Atlanta gave up their 2nd round pick in 2010.  It was a great move for the following reasons:

1) They gave up a pick NEXT year not in 2009.  You never know what the future holds and Atlanta gets Gonzalez in essence for free in 2009, until they pay the price with the draft pick in 2010.

2) Gonzalez is a known talent and one of the best, if not the best, tight end in NFL history.  He’s in great shape with a few years left in the tank, and the best tight end since Alge Crumpler departed (better than him as well).

3) Atlanta wasn’t far off from one of the best offenses in the NFL by the end of 2008 and Tony Gonzalez, a full off-season from Matt Ryan, Harry Douglas and other young guys could propel them to a top-5 offense in 2009, before they pay for Tony Gonzalez.

Here’s the “bad” news about the trade if there is any…. the 2010 draft class has been talked about for about a year now as having the potential to be loaded with talent.  A 2010 2nd round pick (hopefully a late one as Atlanta makes the playoffs once again) could have the same value as a 2009 late 1st round selection in terms of talent.  But draft classes constantly change and it takes years after the fact to truly measure how a year ranks historically.