Grading The Falcons’ 2009 NFL Draft

The general consensus after the dust settled from the 2009 NFL draft was that Atlanta did a nice job overall with their picks.  Here’s a breakdown of the draft by round –

Round 1 – Peria Jerry.  An ideal case for Atlanta – they were able to get an impact guy on the D-line, and a player that was a top-10 talent to boot.

Round 2 – William Moore.  Here’s a guy that was talked about Atlanta taking in the 1st round, so to get him at the end of the 2nd was a great, great pick. 

Round 3 – Chris Owens.  An under-the-radar guy from San Jose State, definitely a Dimitroff-type guy.  I was glad to see Michael Johnson off the board because it could have been a temptation in round 3.

Round 4 – Lawrence Sidbury.  A great value.  He has the potential to be a great edge rusher opposite John Abraham – and in the 4th round. 

Round 5 – Garrett Reynolds.  Something to remember is that you only need one player from the late rounds to pan out to be a great success.  Reynolds is a mauler that could provide depth for a line that played so well in 2008.

Round 6 – Spencer Adkins.  Nice value at linebacker.

Overall – B+.  Look for Jerry and Moore to start in 2009.  After the Patriots history and the 2008 draft in Atlanta, you have to trust Dimitroff to uncover some late round gems.  Remember that Robert James, drafted in ’08, as well as Thomas Brown (RB), are essentially rookies after missing 2008 with injuries.