Bold 2009 Falcons’ Season Predictions

A few excerpts from about the upcoming season – and my rating (1-10) about how likely they are to occur (1, no way – 10, definitely).

…Falcons blowout every team from the NFC East…. Rating: 3.  Not impossible, but those teams are the class of the NFC where any of them could get to the Super Bowl.

…William Moore wins DROY with 9 interceptions and 4 sacks…..Rating: 2.  That would be one of the greatest seasons from a defensive back in NFL history, let alone for a rookie.  Moore playing that well would get Atlanta pretty far in terms of wins/losses.

…Jamaal Anderson 10 sacks as he lives up to the top-10 hype….Rating: 4.  I do believe Anderson has more in the tank than he has shown thus far, but also that run defense is his forte, not huge sack numbers.  With Jerry and Abraham in the mix and healthy, Anderson will get plenty of one-on-one chances.  However, I believe Atlanta will play Nicholas or other pass-rushing specific guys on 3rd downs, taking away chances from Anderson over the course of the season.