A Look Ahead – Atlanta’s 2009 Quarterbacks and Running Backs

Starters: Michael Turner, Ovie Mughelli, Matt Ryan.

All Matt Ryan did in 2008 was start from day one, lead Atlanta to 11 wins and win the Rookie of the Year award.  The sky is the limit with all the weapons on the offensive side of the ball in 2009 and beyond.  Michael Turner silenced all the critics who questioned if he could be a full-time ball carrier with almost 1700 yards.  Ovie Mughelli is a great lead blocker and effective on the dive plays on short yardage.

Reserves: Jerious Norwood, Thomas Brown, Chris Redman, D.J. Shockley, John Parker Wilson, Jason Snelling, Verron Haynes.

Norwood is one of the most explosive runners in the game and is greatly improved in the passing game heading into 2009.  Snelling is underrated as a one-cut back that can move the pile.  Brown (injured as a rookie) and Haynes (free agent from Pittsburgh) are new to Atlanta.  Chris Redman is a good back-up with experience starting games at a time.  D.J. Shockley is a hometown guy that is still a work in progress.  Parker Wilson could be a practice squad guy that will see less time on screen in 2009 than on MTV during his Hoover High School days…