Michael Vick Released From Prison Today

It seems like just yesterday that Michael Vick was sentenced to 23 months in prison for dog-fighting, but his early release date has arrived and he is in transport from Kansas to Hampton, Virginia as I write this.  So….what next?

Well, Vick has 2 months of house arrest where he will work for a local construction company for $10/hour and the little free time he will have will be devoted to church, medical appointments or other requirements.  After all that is over, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said he will then evaluate Vick and his possible return to the NFL.

I am sure some residents of Hampton, Virginia have their skin crawling from the thought of a person like Vick in their area, but others feel he has paid the price set by the judicial system and deserves another chance in his chosen profession.  Yes, his profession is more public than most but a blue-collar worker would have a much smoother transition than a former Pro Bowl NFL signal caller.