Michael Vick’s Future In The NFL

The big question as Michael Vick reenters society is what his NFL future holds in 2009 and beyond.  While some what Vick crucified forever, most believe and think he will get another chance in the NFL.  It won’t be for $10 million a season like his last contract, but he will have an opportunity to prove himself, play on Sundays and be a starting quarterback on a roster.  Because of the timing of his federal punishments (2 months from today is the absolute earliest he will get to meet with Roger Goodell about his future), the beginning of the 2009 season may be in question for Vick’s football progress.

We don’t know what type of football shape Vick is in right now (probably not very good, but his bench press has probably gotten better…couldn’t resist that one) or what he can do in the 2 months of probation (probably not much), so it may be August before he can get reacquainted with the game and its conditioning. 

The fact of the matter is that at least 20 teams in the NFL have quarterback situations that could throw Vick into the mix for a starting position at some point in 2009.  Injuries and bad play are major contributors.  Vick could run some wildcat formation stuff to at least get on the field and can otherwise make plays with his legs on a team with a below-average offensive line.