Where Will Michael Vick Land? – AFC Breakdown

Here’s a breakdown of AFC teams, their quarterback situation and Vick’s chances of landing there:

New England – Belichek is definitely not the desperate type.  Brady is coming back healthy and a-la-Matt Cassell, Kevin O’Connell is an unknown back-up that could plan well in the system if something happens.  Not a chance there.

Buffalo – You have to think about.  Trent Edwards is definitely a bottom-half tier NFL QB and Terrell Owens will create some excitement in 2009.  How can you not bring in a guy like Vick that could help right away with some formations.  Course, Vick has basically sucked in his career in the cold….

Miami – Until the selection of Pat White, this would have been a great spot.  White is basically Vick with a spotless image and record – and for a 2nd round pick. 

Jets – Mark Sanchez is the town hero after draft day, but rookie quarterbacks are a fickle bunch.  Clemens and Erik Ainge are other young options.  After a blue-collar construction job, maybe Vick is tough enough for New York?  Okay, maybe not.  They get snow there as well.

Ravens – Not a chance, they love their Joe Flacco.  Plus, Troy Smith could run all the Vick stuff if they wanted to go that route.

Cincinnati – Well, Vick would fit right in to their off-the-field history, right?  A healthy Palmer makes this a moot point, but they are an injury away from being, well, where they were last year.  Vick gives a team like the Bengals a chance to be 8-8 or 7-9 instead of 4-12 without Palmer in the picture.

Cleveland – They have a big enough mess with Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn on the roster – sort that out and they might be interested by mid-season.

Pittsburgh – Not a chance.

Colts – Not a chance.

Tennessee – A slight chance.  Collins is older than some coaches and Vince Young has a Chuck Knoblauch-type hex going on upstairs.  Vick could be a stop-gap in 2010.  Their backfield would be similar to the Dunn, Duckett, Vick situation in Atlanta a few years ago with Lendale White and Chris Johnson.

Jacksonville – Jack Del Rio is definitely not the coach for Michael Vick.

Houston – How funny would it be for Vick to be Schaub’s back-up in 2009?  If Schaub would have stayed in Atlanta, where would Matt Ryan be right now?  Ah, the great “what if” game….

Denver – Who’s their quarterback again?  Oh, not Cutler?  Yeah, they would be interested in Vick.

Chiefs – They might be getting fleeced on the Cassel deal, why would they being in Vick too?  Cassel’s making more than Vick’s old contract in 2009! 

San Diego – No chance.

Oakland – Al Davis will definitely be interested…look at Vick’s 40-time!  Course it was prision-aided that day…. Russell has shown little so far and it would have to be the first time ever that two #1 quarterbacks were on the same roster in history.