Where Will Michael Vick Land? – NFC Breakdown

A team-by-team breakdown of the chances of Michael Vick being a part of their respective rosters:

Philadelphia – The fans would eat Vick alive….literally.  Next….

Giants – Manning is the franchise guy, Coughlin is not the right coach for Vick’s return.

Dallas – Would Jones roll the dice?  Romo has the potential, but hasn’t put it together yet.  After getting rid of T.O. (best personnel move in a while for them), why would you add Vick?

Washington – Definitely a possibility.  Campbell is not a fixture by any means and the team lacks an identity.  Yes, they run the ball, but their passing game needs help.  Any receiver would love 7 seconds to get open, course Vick might not even look for you in that time, but still….

Detroit – Stafford will at least get a couple years to show his stuff.  How long did Harrington get?  Exactly…

Minnesota – They don’t love Jackson because they brought in Rosenfels.  Vick destroyed the Vikings during his Atlanta time, they play in a dome, Vick’s done well against Green Bay, sounds like a good fit.

Green Bay – Not a chance – too cold and Rodgers is a guy they are committed to, at least for now.

Atlanta – No way.

Carolina – John Fox doesn’t put up with a bunch of crap and going to a bitter rival seems impossible.

Tampa Bay – New coach and new everything in 2009 – why not have Vick as an option?  Plus, they play warm games at home and at least 2 dome games a year on the road.

New Orleans – Brees is the guy and New Orleans passes WAY too much for Vick to succeed in the offense.

Arizona – Warner is getting old, but I can’t see a team coming off a Super Bowl appearance going for Vick – call me crazy. 

San Francisco – Definitely a possibility.  The only downfall is that Singletary sees Vernon Davis as a cancer – what’s his point of view on Michael Vick?  They do lack play-making on offense, you can’t just run Frank Gore into a 9-man front on 1st and 2nd down, right?

Seattle – Hasselbeck is coming back 100%, right?  Seneca Wallace is a really poor man’s Vick, so they have that avenue covered in the short-term.

St.Louis – definitely a possibility.  They are a dome team, Bulger is unpredictable at best and their offensive line needs a mobile quarterback so they stop getting them injured.  Steven Jackson, turf and an NFC West schedule would be a nice way to ease back into the swing of things for Michael Vick.