Inside Look At Falcons’ Off-Season

Brian Baldinger went inside the Falcons’ training facility for some off-season conditioning in 2009.  After watching it, there are a few things that stood out in my mind:

The process of preventing injuries and lessening the severity of those injuries is far improved from even 5 years ago.  Every position is working on their core, flexibility and stabilization so that the muscles and joints can flex and absorb impact in game situations.

Mike Peterson is a great veteran addition.  He was leading by example in the weight room and showing the young guys “hey, if you want to be effective 10 years from now, you need to take care of yourself like this.”

Nutrition is stressed in Atlanta with good food served to the players at the training facility.

It showed a meeting for the rookies with the 2008 draft class answering questions and sharing their experiences from their rookie campaigns.  Funny to see Matt Ryan, Sam Baker, etc. as only a year removed from being drafted….seems like they’ve been in Atlanta forever.  Thanks for the great drafting thus far, Mr.Dimitroff.