Harvey Dahl – NFL’s Meanest Player

The votes are in and Harvey Dahl, Guard of the Atlanta Falcons, is the meanest in the NFL.  Yes, that means we are deep in the heart of the off-season for writers to ask around about things like this, but Dahl has won the honors. 

He has worked his way up in the NFL through trades and practice squads to be a starter on a championship contender.  Dahl was fortunate that Atlanta was turning over a high percentage of the roster and Dahl was able to not only start, but stay healthy for the Falcons in 2008.  Now, the offensive line unit is intact heading into their second season.

Dahl is well-known for playing up to the whistle (and sometimes past), driving his man yards into the defensive secondary to gain the mental edge.  He’s a beast in the run game, but still has some finer points to work on in pass protection.  Dahl is a hidden gem that Atlanta found from San Francisco that helped Michael Turner get to the Pro Bowl and rush for nearly 1700 yards.

In addition to Dahl, Atlanta signed Tyson Clabo to stay in 2009 and hopefully lead the Falcons and Matt Ryan to another successful season.