Falcons Predicted To Reach NFC Championship Game

Analyst Todd McShay has submitted his predictions for the 2009 NFL season and the Falcons received some love after their surprising 2008 campaign.  McShay predicted the Falcons would play the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC championship game.  Unfortunately, he has the Eagles winning and moving on to play the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

While Atlanta’s schedule is more diffficult in 2009, I believe it will make them more battle-tested heading into the NFL’s “second season”.  While the Saints or Panthers may win the division, Atlanta will be more ready for the playoffs and the tougher teams in the field. 

When I first read the article it reminded me of 2004 when Atlanta lost to Philadelphia, then New England won the Super Bowl.  Course, Matt Ryan would fair better in the cold weather of January at Lincoln Financial Field than a certain Michael Vick.  Michael Turner is also more of a pound-it-out downhill running back than Warrick Dunn.

Atlanta opens the 2009 season with home games against Miami and Carolina.