Positive Aspects of Atlanta Falcons’ 2009 Schedule

Not only do the Atlanta Falcons get to start out with two home games in 2009, they get to play New England on the road when the weather is nice…in September.  You can’t believe the difference between playing early in the season as opposed to in New England, in the months of November and December, in the cold, against a team poised for a deep postseason run.

Atlanta travels to the west coast (San Francisco), but after a bye week, so they will be plenty rested with all the miles through time zones.

When the Falcons play their first set of back to back road games, they get an additional day off, playing Dallas on Sunday and in New Orleans the following Monday night.

Potentially the Falcons could only have a couple cold weather games in 2009 – a November 22nd matchup against the Giants and a December 20th game against the Jets.  Yes, Matt Ryan played 4 years at Boston College through the winter months, but offensive teams would rather play in domes and warm weather sites as a rule – like Atlanta does for 12+ games a year.