Michael Vick Is Officially Released

The writing had been on the wall for quite a while – heck, all the brass in the Falcons’ organization had been saying Michael Vick would be released, but the day actually arrived where he is a former Atlanta Falcon. 

Michael Vick still has a month of house arrest before he could even be elgible to be reinstated to the NFL, but now he’s officially a free agent.  The move came with a cost – a $7 million salary hit in 2009 – but Atlanta was ready for it with plenty of room under the cap.  The release saved Atlanta a ton of money though with Vick’s bulging contract, signed years before his dog-fighting conviction, as he was on the book for well more than $10 million a season.

The early reports are more pessimistic than a few months ago about Vick’s possible suitors.  The “smart money” in a few articles were that Vick could get back into form in the newly-formed UFL in 2009 and make his way back in the NFL in 2010.  Training camp is just around the corner and it would take a lot for even the naturally athletic Vick to be back in prime shape for the NFL season.  While that perspective makes a lot of sense, I would definitely not rule out a team, like Oakland, Dallas or Washington that has a tendency to want to make a splash even if it’s more speculative than anything, to make a move for Vick’s services in 2009.