Michael Boley Out 8-10 Weeks

Thomas Dimitroff is making all the right moves.

In addition to all the positive moves bringing guys into the organization, he seems to let the right guys go as well.  Michael Boley was a guy that was on the verge of a big contract in 2007 as a super-fast linebacker that can run down anyone.  In 2008, Boley was limited to 3rd downs most of the year, then didn’t play much at all because he was constantly out of position and pushed around by offensive linemen and tight ends in the run game.

Michael Boley was released and replaced with veteran Mike Peterson, a tough guy that coach Mike Smith knows well from his days in Jacksonville.  Boley moved on to sign with the New York Giants for 5 years and a hefty $25 million salary.  Early into the off-season routine, Boley injured his hip, underwent surgery and now will probably miss the start of training camp because of his recovery timetable.

While the Giants will be reevaluating their linebacker situation for the next few months, Atlanta sits with their original plan intact – Stephen Nicholas, Curtis Lofton and Mike Peterson manning their posts.