Atlanta Falcons’ History Of Accolades – Could These Droughts End?

Last Defensive Rookie of the Year – Buddy Curry and Al Richardson in 1980.  Curtis Lofton had a nice season in 2008.  Peria Jerry and William Moore will certainly have an opportunity in 2009 with a few big plays and playing consistent for 16 games.

Defensive Player of the Year – NEVER.  John Abraham has the potential to be in the running for the award every year with 15+ sacks.  With help from Sidbury and hopefully Jamaal Anderson, Abraham could be more rested for the late-game moments and in December and January.

Offensive Player of the Year – NEVER.  Matt Ryan has all the skill and work ethic (a la Peyton Manning) to be in the discussion for years.  The offense is loaded, so distributing the ball and managing all the talent will be key.

Super Bowl MVP – NEVER.  Obviously the odds are stacked against having a Super Bowl MVP when you’re only appearance was John Elway’s farewell.  You would have to put the Falcons in the top group in a crowded NFC with teams like New York, Philadelphia, Carolina, New Orleans and Arizona that could be favorites this early in the 2009 campaign.