Atlanta Falcons’ History – Some Number-Crunching

Following a playoff appearance, the Falcons are averaging 5.9 wins in their next campaign.  Their best showing coming in 2005 when they were in good shape, but floundered to an 8-8 season in December. 

The Falcons’ scoring of 24 points in the playoff loss to Arizona in 2009 was their highest output in a post-season loss since 1982.

The Atlanta Falcons finished in 2nd place in 2008.  The seasons following the other 8 times the franchise has finished 2nd never included a divisional crown – once they finished second again.

In the 10 seasons since the 1998 Super Bowl year, the Falcons have had more 10+ loss seasons (4), than 10+ win seasons (2).

The 1980s were the worst decade for the Falcons with only one winning season (1980) and 6 years with 5 or fewer wins.