Three Falcons Make Top-25 Overrated List

ESPN scoured through all the NFL players to compile its 25 most overrated NFL players recently and the Atlanta Falcons had more than their fair share.  Four times the mathmatical average that would consistute their fair share actually.

#2 Overall – Mike Vick.  Remember that he was a #1 overall draft pick that was traded for the likes of Ladainian Tomlinson AND Drew Brees in 2001.  He is a great runner, but you can to hold your breath when he was actually throwing the ball (quarterbacks do that sometimes in the NFL) because you never knew what would happen.  He was be a nice fit for the Wildcat, but that’s about all.

#10 – DeAngelo Hall.  He’s a freak athlete and dominated in college just on physical ability, but in the NFL, you need smarts and good work ethic on top of ability.  He gets burned a lot and takes chances that rarely pay off.  Basically he’s looking for the Deion Sanders-type play without playing lock down coverage the rest of the plays between the white lines.  When Atlanta played against Hall in Oakland in 2008, Michael Jenkins made him look terrible after the Raiders gave Hall a huge contract. (Oakland later released Hall after a handful of games).

#11 – Keith Brooking.  He received plenty of accolades in his 10 years with Atlanta, but wasn’t as skilled and productive as everyone was thinking.  He played middle linebacker a lot because of injuries in Atlanta and was suspect at best in pass coverage.  Brooking was a productive player that stayed healthy on the field, made a lot of consistent plays and made it to the Super Bowl in 1998.  That’s a good bio-page for an NFL player, but not a guy at the top of his position.