Atlanta Falcons – Fantasy Football Rankings – Top 100

Michael Turner, #4 overall.  Still trying to figure out why Matt Forte is the running back predicted to jump up the charts in 2009… Turner did have plenty of carries in 2008, but he’s got plenty of tred on his tires from being a back-up in San Diego and will be more efficient with his carries in 2009 with a more balanced offense.

Roddy White, #25 overall, #8 among wide receivers.  I think that’s pretty accurate.  White’s pretty much even with a group of Randy Moss, Boldin, Steve Smith and Reggie Wayne.  Basically saying he’s a in the top 3rd of #1 receivers in the NFL.  White has a lot of upside as Ryan’s go-to guy, but Atlanta does run a lot and won’t run up the score a lot in games.

Tony Gonzalez, #54 overall, #3 tight end behind Gates and Witten.  Witten and Gates will get far more looks in those offenses, so they are rightfully ranked higher.  Gonzalez will get plenty of looks in the red zone, but Atlanta’s offense ran well inside the 10-yard line in 2008.  I would even question Gonzalez being ahead of Dallas Clark (#60 overall) as far as tight ends go with how many more passing plays Indianapolis runs over the course of a season.

Matt Ryan, #61 overall, #8 QB.  Obviously Peyton and Brady and Brees are more valuable fantasy-wise, probably Warner too.  But I would argue that Ryan should be right there around #5.  I don’t see the same upside potential and number of weapons as Ryan will have in 2009.  McNabb might end up with better numbers than Ryan or Cutler, who is rated #9 at the position.