How To Survive The Long July Without Any Falcons’ Football

I would say to focus on other sports, but that leaves you with baseball since the annual hot dog eating contest on Coney Island was this past Saturday.  Baseball is now just for the addicts and “true” fans because of the 3+ hour games where there’s only action for a couple minutes.  We are in a fast culture, so sitting through a baseball game for nine innings on TV is asking a lot.

Get out and play.  It’s been a mild summer so far (at least here in the DC area) and it’s great to get out and play golf, ultimate frisbee and spend time with your loved ones and friends actually outdoors – before you become a shut-in every weekend starting in a coupld months.

Suck up at work.  It’s good to build up points now so that when it’s October and you come in after an overtime Monday night game and 4 hours sleep, you can point to the good times.  In the fall and winter, you waste so many man hours with your fantasy football roster, sorting through statistics and talking about the games from the weekend, that you need to even it out a little bit while you have the chance.

Watch the Falcons’ games from 2008, over and over again.  Become an addict.  Memorize them, learn their tendencies, know Matt Ryan’s completion percentage on 2nd and longs by heart.  Go through the season of Directv Short Cuts like you don’t know what’s coming.  Agonize over the loss to Denver for a week (ahhh, damn Peyton Hillis).  Celebrate the victory over Chicago for days (what were they thinking with that kickoff ?!?!).  Sounds like a good life to me.