Directv Sunday Ticket and Superfan – 2009 Edition

If you are a serious football fan, you have been getting Sunday Ticket and Superfan through Directv for years.  2009 offers a few upgrades in service for the upcoming NFL season.  Here’s my take –

Now you can access all your Sunday Ticket programming through your computer and cell phone.  It sounds great for though traveling weekends, but you have to have a pretty recent laptop and cell phone to support the functions.  I got my cell phone in January and already know that it’s not going to support Sunday Ticket.  Basically, you have to have a PDA or IPhone to play this game.

In 2009 all the games will be in HD.  This actually is a big deal, but I will need to see it to believe it.  In 2008, it seemed like every week there would be a game or two in standard definition.  Yes, it’s a game like Cincinnati or Detroit or Oakland, but it would be a shocking sight to rev up the Tivo’ed Short Cuts of a game on Monday morning and have no HD.  This seemed like more of a CBS/Fox issue than a Sunday Ticket problem.  Directv is merely giving you the broadcast that was provided to them.