Marvin Harrison – Still A Free Agent

They are past their prime, but still serviceable players in the NFL, yet no team has signed them yet. 

Marvin Harrison is one of the finest wide receivers in the history of the game.  In the span of a couple years, Harrison has gone from Peyton Manning’s favorite target and perennial 100-catch guy to unemployed after battling injuries.

Is Harrison a guy that will catch 80 passes in 2009 in a starting role?  Probably not.  But he is a guy that can be a great veteran presence for young guys and play the slot making some key 3rd down catches.  The question is will he want to do that after years of being a star?  My gut says he just loves playing the game and wants another championship.

Will Atlanta be in the hunt for Harrison?  Probably not.  They are loaded at receiver and Harrison on the field would mean a guy like Harry Douglas or Tony Gonzalez would be on the sideline – not what they are looking to do in 2009.