Rodney Harrison – Available For 2009

Unlike Marvin Harrison, Rodney is a more intriguing option for the Atlanta Falcons.  Erik Coleman is pretty locked in at the free safety position, but the strong side….who knows?

Yes, Atlanta just signed 2nd round pick William Moore and he is the future, but is he a starter in 2009?  Atlanta hopes so, but you have to have a back-up plan going into training camp.  Thomas DeCloud, Jamaal Fudge, Eric Brock and Antoine Harris are hardly known commodities on the roster.  Rodney Harrison could provide a valuable stop-gap in 2009 until Moore is ready for every-down action.

Rodney Harrison is one of the fiercest competitors in NFL history and would love one more chance at another title.  He’s lost a step or two, but Atlanta’s defense could use a veteran leader on the defensive side of the ball.  Other than John Abraham, middle linebacker Curtis Lofton (who was a rookie in 2008), is their on-the-field leader.  Harrison could play 1st and 2nd down if Atlanta was concerned about his speed covering the deep pass.  If the salary cap number works, Harrison would great insurance in 2009 on a one year contract.