Michael Vick Rumors Swirling

Where will Michael Vick land?  He’s been cleared to sign with a team, but there hasn’t been an announcement.  His agent says that a deal is close.  I believe it’s with the UFL, the new 4-team football league that will begin play in 2009.  Here’s a few of the other rumors that have been bounced around message boards and the internet the past few days.

New England Patriots

This is a new one.  Personally, I see little validity to it.  Matt Cassel is gone, but Michael Vick is no Randy Moss.  Moss had a few issues but basically a good guy in the wrong town.  Vick is a felon that would be behind Tom Brady?  Hardly.  Course, Belichek would be the type of guy to get back at Miami with a Michael Vick-led Wildcat formation in 2009.  Miami is already prepared with Pat White….get ready New England.

Minnesota Vikings

No Brett Favre?  They are without a go-to guy at quarterback.  Can you imagine a backfield with Vick and Adrian Peterson?  That’s downright scary.  Vick played well in the Metrodome as well, setting the rushing record for a quarterback in there, including a game-winning rush in overtime.

Washington Redskins

The Redskins like almost anyone, right?  Jason Campbell is already under fire and it’s still the off-season, plus is contract is coming up soon.  Dan Snyder likes some spice – Vick would be a bunch of spice in the nation’s capitol.

Oakland Raiders

The Raiders take anyone that runs fast, right?  That’s what happened in the draft when they passed on Michael Crabtree, isn’t it?  They won’t live that one down for a while…. Jamarcus Russell is no lock as a franchise quarterback, plus Darren McFadden could teach Vick a little Wildcat to ease him into the offense.  Vick already knows how to run for his life behind a bad offensive line too!