Roddy White Holdout

Yes, he’s holding out because it’s the last year of his rookie contract and he wants to get things stright before getting out on the field.  That’s understandable.  Many fans are making this situation out to be that White is lazy and selfish and doesn’t believe in team football.  Most football players would like to have an extension or new deal done before the season starts so they don’t have to think about it once they strap on the pads.

Roddy White already has great chemistry with Matt Ryan, if anything Tony Gonzalez needs a few extra reps this off-season with Ryan to mesh in the offense, and can miss a little time as long as he stays in shape.  The bottom line is Roddy White is a premiere receiver entering his prime in the NFL.  Those type of guys rarely hit the open market and for good reason – their team doesn’t want to let them go.  Keep a tally of how many times a guy like Larry Fitzgerald, Calvin Johnson or Andre Johnson hit the open market.  Randy Moss left Minnesota after his prime and under unique circumstances.  Jerry Rice left San Francisco after his prime.   Roddy White is entering his window to dominate secondaries.  Atlanta will sign him and the “chaos” that fans are concerned about will be a distant memory when the season begins.