Michael Vick Signs With Philadelphia – How Will They Use Him?

Michael Vick finally found a team – the Philadelphia Eagles.  The question is how will they use him.  Well, it depends on his football skills and shape after two years away from the game.  I personally think he’s a natural athlete that can get back in the swing pretty quickly.  Not his timing with receivers and understanding the offense – just from an athletic point of view.  It’s a two-year deal, but only the first is guaranteed.

Vick will be a possibly replacement if Donovan McNabb gets hurt.  The Eagles have a balanced team that can still make the playoffs and succeed without McNabb.  The Eagles have already talked about using Vick and McNabb on the field at the same time.  Also Vick could run some option or “Wild Eagle” formations with a guy like Jeremy Maclin with some great speed as well. 

All in all, I would say Vick could be on the field 5-10 times a game (which would be less than 20% of the time), trying to make a few big plays to spark drives.  In addition, Philadelphia gets in on the ground floor if they need a replacement for NcNabb in the next couple years and Kevin Kolb isn’t the guy for them.