Philadelphia’s Strong Organization – The Perfect Fit For Vick

The Phiadelphia Eagles have the perfect recipe for Michael Vick to succeed after rejoining the NFL.  He has Tony Dungy in his corner, but that only helped him get in the door with an NFL team after being released from prison. 

The Eagles have great ownership, a great coaching staff, strong veteran leadership and a loyal fan base.  Andy Reid is one of the most tenured coaches in the NFL and gets the most out of players.  Donovan McNabb spoke highly for Vick to join the team and that says a lot.  The fans will love any player that performs on the field and helps bring a championship to Philadelphia.  Now, if Vick fails when he trots out on a regular basis, the fans in the city of Brotherly Love will be his worst enemy – and worst nightmare.

The thing I wonder about is Vick has never performed that well in cold weather or in Phiadelphia.  Maybe it was the strong Eagles’ defense, but his agility and playmaking ability seems to be dampened with the cold temperatures and strong winds of the northeast.  Perhaps playing on the home team and having McNabb and Westbrook on his side will help.